Tech On Tap was born out of a Twitter direct message: “I have an idea.” Meet the Tech On Tap Brewmasters: Derek Schauland, Jon Cwiak, and Kim Cwiak

Derek Schauland

Derek is a technologist at heart and a Microsoft MVP (somehow) specializing in file system storage. He has been working as the IT manager for a Wisconsin manufacturing company for the past 9 years doing everything from server maintenance to help desk support. In addition to that, Derek writes for and Redmond magazine.

The idea for Tech On Tap came up while attending a session with a bar at a 2011 Microsoft event. When I got home I found Jes and Mark and the beer drinking…er idea brainstorming began and after a few months of emails and meetings Tech on Tap was born and the first event was scheduled. It has been a wild year and I hope we can continue to put together top notch events in northeast Wisconsin.

Jon Cwiak


Jon is a technologist, teacher, and pioneer. Jon is Software Architect at Humana where he helps people realize ideas and convert ones and zeros into measureable customer outcomes. He likes building things. Jon has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Computer Science and Information Science and a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering. Jon is a Microsoft Certified Professional at building things and has spoken at multiple technical events including TechOnTap, NEWDUG Code Camp, and AITP.  You’ll probably find him lurking at whatever technical conference you can think of.  If not a conference, a hiking trail is another good bet.

Kim Cwiak


Kim is a Software Engineer at Humana where she builds shared service utility applications that help internal business customers conquer the day. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science and is hurdling toward completing a Master’s degree in Software Engineering . Kim attends a variety of technology events across the country throughout the year. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time in nature and hiking.