Hello and welcome to Tech on Tap.  Here we strive to bring the technology to the tap and bring fans of both together for some serious networking and discussion sessions.  Please note that we are new at this (specifically this tech on tap stuff) but the ideas have been flying around quite well and it seems like this might just be something worth getting in to.

What is it?
Tech on Tap is a technology event, where attendees get together to hear people present about technology they use and love.  You know, like a conference, where you get in a room and listen to someone drone on about the ins and outs of storage v-motion… er wait, it isn’t really like that too much.  The events will be held a few times throughout the year at brewpubs in the Fox Valley area.  Yes readers, I said brewpubs.

We want to talk about technology and drink some beer.  We have learned that the session with the bar usually fares pretty well.  So… all of the sessions we do, will be in the bar at a local brewpub (or a back room where they can make some beer available).

What Can You learn?
Since we are just getting started, there is quite a bit of room for discussion on topics and other things.  For now we have a good idea for the first session (coming soon).

How does it work?
The idea is to create a user group environment without a lot of the user group formality.  The tech on tap staff will be selecting participants for the first event and then it will likely be a community driven thing.  You know, a grass roots effort.  Where those who have heard about it and want to check it out can register to attend the event.  We are hoping that we can run like the wind with the word of mouth thing after a little while.

What does it cost?
Hopefully the sessions will be very affordable for the attendees and a good value for the sponsor companies.  We can’t get into specifics here, but we think you will like it.

Keep your eyes peeled and check back here often to get a hold of the upcoming event schedule and see just what is brewing at tech on tap.

Disclaimer: Since there is beer involved, all Tech on Tap events are 21 and over only.