TechOnTap Roadmap: 2017 and Beyond

State of the TechOnTap Union

So, it’s been awhile. Wondering where we have been? Here is the quick update.

TechOnTap set out with the dream of intersecting great people, great technology and of course, great beer. We did this by offering full day training events and the occasional social gathering to, you know, enjoy that adult beverage.

When we started, TechOnTap had great partner sponsorship and were able to pay for food, beer, space and more all of the low price of your time and eyeballs. Then things got expensive. We continued this approach for a while but the situation became neither financially viable and sustainable.

Over the last year and half, we’ve been thinking quite a bit about how make our mission of intersecting great people, great ideas and of course, great beer, still possible. Like all great startups, we have decided to pivot rather than give up.

2017 Roadmap

  • is becoming a blog

We’ll be publishing some technical content on all sorts of things and we’ve uncovered. Tune in for thoughts on technology, people, and beer


  • TechOnTap is transforming into a roadshow

Technical events happen all over the place. We’re already at many of these events. Why not capitalize on this and meet you where you are likely at. In 2017, we are planning some social gatherings at various technical conferences and events going on around the region and beyond.

True to our missions, we want to get great people, great technology and great beer in the same place. We’ll share more when we get our act together.


  • TechOnTap Needs Your Feedback

We need your feedback and our opinions on where we should go next. Send us your feedback and lets us know what you think about our roadmap.

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