Meet Your Tech on Tap – How Cloudy Is Your Organization? Speakers


Photo courtesy Nicolas Raymond

The next Tech on Tap is brewing on Saturday, May 30, from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm! Join us to learn more about Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and VMware private clouds with the following experts.

Jason Young is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft. He focuses on commercial ISVs building large-scale technical projects built on devices, Windows, and Azure. His history includes working for a manufacturing startup, building MES software at GE, and consulting on a variety of technologies. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was CTO of an energy company where he directed development of a large-scale Windows Azure-based building automation and IoT data collection solution.

Jason will present “Azure in the Real World”.

Forget about “the cloud”. Let’s dive in and see what Azure can actually do for me today. From connected cows to running the travel world, we’ll look at real examples showing how you can build your own services and applications in a hyper-scale environment. Whether you want to dip your toes in or take a bath in Kool-Aid, there is something you can use today.

Bob Plankers is a technology generalist who has been writing, speaking, and blogging at for a decade. He is a virtualization & cloud architect at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, analyst at The Virtualization Practice, and a freelance IT consultant on interesting projects all over the region. In his free time he can often be found wondering why no houses ever have 90 degree angles and smoking a cigar while mowing the lawn.

Bob will present “Clouds Are Magic, and Other Related Nonsense”.

We spent a lot of money on a private cloud, but now we just have a mess. We went from having 2000 VMs to 5000 VMs almost overnight, now that the developers can deploy things on their own, and we’ve been adding capacity constantly. Someone told me these things are revolutionary, but the only revolution seems to be the one the CFO is having. And now people are talking about scrapping it all and sending everything to the public cloud. Aren’t clouds supposed to magically fix IT problems, not create new ones? Oh, and what the heck are containers?

Jeff Lehmann from Slalom Consulting has worked in technology and IT for more than 25 years, with 10 of those years spent as a certified SAS administrator and 3 years working with AWS.  He recently presented two sessions at the SAS annual user conference, SAS Global Forum in Dallas: “How to Implement SAS 9.4 on an Amazon Web Services Cloud Server Instance” and “The Advantages and Pitfalls of Implementing SAS in an Amazon Web Services Cloud Instance”. He combines his technical skillset with an analytical mindset.  He enjoys learning about and deploying new technologies.  He is delighted to present AWS to an MS SQL server audience!

Jeff is presenting, “The AWS Cloud Supports Microsoft Windows Server”:

According to Cloud Analyst Industry reports, AWS has the most robust cloud services offerings in the sector.  As well, Microsoft workloads on AWS have provided many success stories.  This presentation is targeted at an MS SQL Server audience and will provide an introductory overview of AWS.

How Cloudy Is Your Organization is going to be a fantastic day of learning, networking, and of course, great beer and food. Register by Wednesday, May 27th!

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