Meet your Speakers – Adam Driscoll

Adam Driscoll is a software engineering manager at Dell and a PowerShell MVP. He has experience working with Microsoft .NET, Android, SQL, and C++ but focuses primarily on PowerShell API development. Since PowerShell is fast becoming the automation tool of choice for both Microsoft and IT administrators, he finds it is exciting to contribute to the platform as it evolves and advances. Adam is the author of several Visual Studio extensions including PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio adds PowerShell language support to enable features like syntax highlighting and debugging within the IDE. Adam is also an avid blogger, author of Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look and contributing author to PowerShell Deep Dives.

What will Adam be presenting at Nothing but .NET?

LINQ – .NETs Nifty Little Query Syntax

Language Integrated Query is a powerful query syntax built into recent versions of C# and Visual Basic .NET. LINQ is capable of being utilized with any number of data stores and is commonly used with objects, XML and databases. In this session we will explore the basics of LINQ with examples alongside standard programming constructs. As we compare these methods, we will identify the caveats and pitfalls to prevent common mistakes. Finally, we will investigate the custom provider framework that is available to interface with other data stores such as Entity Framework.


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